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October 21, 2005


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My experience with Ancestry.com has been very similar. A subscription to their UK database allowed me to trace through three additional generations, add several branches, and discover information such as the family were from generations of bakers, explaining why my great grandmother's cookies were so amazing, and discovered that my third great grandparents met and fell in love as next door neighbors. And that's just one family name. Another family name that was elusive for over a decade opened up due to another person's research posted on Ancestry.com. They can definitely help break down those brick walls and the subscriptions prove more valuable than their cost!

I signed up for the subscription part of Ancestry the other day and, with the help of another researcher, found my Grandfather's WW1 Draft Registration.

This provided the startling clue that maybe his Mother DID marry 5 times, and not just 4, after all. ;-D

Folks, this is 5 times between 1893 and 1920, hee, hee. ;-D

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