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November 29, 2005


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There is a new online database for the UK 1841 Census that would be useful to have an autolink to in Research Guidance. The url is:

Another vey useful database taht has a lot of data not found anywhere else is:


Thanks Will. We'll get it added for a future update.


I have the deluxe edition but I do not run it on the computer that is connected to the internet. Could you please advise how I can download the update for the deluxe edition so that I can transfer it to my other computer to upgrade?




You'll need to download the update from our website on a connected computer with a CD-burner. Go to http://www.LegacyFamilyTree and select Legacy > Download Update. Be sure to select "Download Full Setup" in Step 3. After you've downloaded the Legacy6Setup.exe file, burn it to CD and then use that CD to update on the non-connected computer.

I have Legacy 5.0 How do I go about updating via computer and downloading, or do I have to buy the latest version?

Could consideration be given to include a date option in the footer entry page for reports.

I just did a within legacy update check and contrary to the newsletter, it says the last build was in August. Is there something I'm missing? How do I get the latest update? Thanks. Wait, I'm using Legacy 5.0. When did we get 6.0? Do I have to buy it again, or may I have an upgrade from 5 to 6? Thanks,

jo harper


Legacy 6 was released in September 2005. The upgrade is available from www.legacyfamilytree.com. Just click on the Buy Now button on the Home Page, under the Upgrade section on the right.


The date option in the footer area is currently available for reports.

Once you've selected the desired report, click on the report options button. Then click on the Footers tab. In the Report Credit Information section, make sure there is a checkmark next to "Include the Date Printed."

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