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March 10, 2006


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As a physician, I used to use audiotapes for education. However, for the past three years I have switched to CD-ROMs of all the professional presentations at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting.

Legacy has switched from VCR to CD-ROMs. NGS should get a clue and get up to date too!

Although many national conferences are no longer being taped, St. Louis Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that this year’s Fair, “Coming Home….,”will be recorded and available for purchase.

Check out <http://www.stlgs.org/fairLectures.htm> for lecture details. Each lecture will be recorded onto a CD, which may be purchased for $15.00 postpaid. The complete set of all 15 lectures is available for $185.00 postpaid.

Contact StLGS office at 314-647-8547. The Society accepts VISA and MasterCard as well as cash or check.

Pat Stamm

Many of the top speakers will not allow taping of their sessions. It's regrettable, but understandable considering the time and talent it takes to prepare an hour lecture. Many are now selling their tapes themselves. It seems fair that they get a return on their investment. The large national conferences are becoming cost prohibitive for attendees and will probably soon go the way of the tapes.

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