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Norway parish registers now online

Those with Norwegian roots will benefit from a new service offered through The Digital Archives. Scanned images of the actual parish registers are now being published online.

The microfilm department of The National Archives holds close to all parish registered delivered from the priests' office to The Regional States Archives, ie. nearly 11,000 registers with millions of microfilmed pages. According to their plan, all the material will be published by 2008.

The project has a good start. Read all about it, and even search the records, at


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The scanned registers include dates of birth, baptisms, weddings, and deaths. They are searchable by year, but because they are scanned, they're not searchable by name. AND, because they're scanned, you can download a copy of the image of handwritten information, making it quite personal. I started "digging" last fall, and have found many nuggets, including my mother's christening date, and many other family members' events. But my dig is just a dent in the surface so far.

I can't read Norske! Why can't the Norway file be in English?

Clarence - in the top right, just click on the "English" link.

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