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April 29, 2006


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This sounds like a pretty practical system that I will definately consider.

This system does sound very practical and useful, however, I would like to know what is the best method that is used for photocopies of records. For exammple, when I first started, I got a quantity of records from a family member by photo copy of the orginal such as birth cetiricate, marriage, etc. Would these be handled the same way? or would it be useful to use a software program such as Clooz, ByGones, or Custodian to keep these - thuse they would be scanned. Also, when traveling to a research site - library, famly history center, would it not be benefical to have the record scanned and on the laptop? Seems to me that it would be useful to have that as a reference, then I understand that the actual record is in the file back home.

This sounds terrific! I've been looking for a simple way to file my papers so that I can find them when needed. I color code my families by surname, and with this it will be very easy to find any certain paper. for color codeing I use 4 different color papers a different color for each grandparents side. Makes it easier for me to find which family belongs to which side. Especially when you have same surnames on both sides like: SMITH

This does indeed sound like a great system. Thanks for sharing it with us Mary. I too have been looking to simplify my filing system. I only wish I could find a system as good as yours that is better for the "Show and Tell" of my family research. I think the MRIN system is a little better suited for my needs. However, it is nice to have people like you who are willing to share their systems with us. Thanks again!

Folks, folks, folks, do investigate CLOOZ at www.clooz.com It is a genealogical document organization software which solved all my filing problems. It links your people to documents thus obviating the need for endless copies and the ponderous system of filing by family. Version 2 (just about to be released) is even compatible with Legacy.
I have no connection with CLOOZ, other than being a dedicated user of it.

I use this system for hardcopy (paper) copies stored in a file box as shown in the photos that Geoff included. In addition, I use the same names that are placed on the sheet protectors for any electronic versions of the same records. For example, a page from the 1920 census for North Tonawanda, Niagara County, NY is in my file box with a label of NY NIAGARA CEN 001. The electronic copy of that same page as downloaded from Ancestry.com is called NY NIAGARA CEN 001.jpg. I hope that this alleviates some confusion.

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