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June 13, 2006


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Just thought you might be interested and hope you do not mind. I have written an evaluation of Legacy 6.0 for publication in my Genealogical Society newsletter, and gave a class on the program to our members. I recommended to all before purchasing the deluxe version to download the free version and experment with it and get a feel for using it and if they like the program to purchase it. I have also used your Sourcing CD and a Family History Documentation book by Silicon Valley PAF Users Group to conduct a class in Sourcing for any Genealogy Program to my society. I will be conducting a class on Legacy 6.0 for my computer club in August. I will be making the same recommendation to them if they want to try genealogy download the free program first, use it untill they become acquainted with it and if they want to continue doing genealogy go to the deluxe version. I also stress in my view genealogy is a very time consuming hobby but a very rewarding hobby if you are interested in the subject. It is not a hobby for someone that expect to go on the internet and find his family back to royalty in a few days. Most of us wherever our ancestors came from was fleeing poverty, prosection, or just wanted something new, very few of us came from royal blood. Just my views.

If it is not already available, a collection of year stories for the years of interest to the majority of geneologists, such as "The Year was 1924" which briefly outlined events of the year would be vary useful. At least for the more eventful years. This is always helpful when embelishing an individuals report.

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