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August 26, 2006


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The install was slower than usal, but completed after a few minutes.

It occurred to me that a very useful addition to Legacy would be a reseach , log. I would see this in the form of a data base with fields for DATE, RESEACH OBJECTIVE, RESEARCH CONDUCTED, OUTCOME, SOURCES INVESTIGATED (link to current Source List?)

Mike, Legacy does have a To Do List which can also work as a research log. See the To Do List section of the beginning training video at http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/videos.asp.

Because I am at the point where I wish to share my findings with family via CD I was interested in the create CD added in this update. I have downloaded the software, but it does not get past the menu start jump area. An error comes up that says "an error occurred in tmrLoadingPictures (20009)LEAD Error: invalid file format.
I have tried loading without the multimedia or pictures and have downloaded it onto two different computers and get the same problem.
Anyone else tried it and having the same problems or have you been successful?

On a positive note is it good to see Legacy constantly moving forward with help for our hobby (or should I say obsession)

Just wanted everyone to know that I contacted Passage Express with my problem with their create cd program. I got immediate response and within a day they had the answer to my problem. They had me download and install and update and that fixed the problem.
I was very happy with their handling of my problem and I would not hesitate to use their products in the future.

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