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August 29, 2006


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After a long time of having no filing system I have started using the MRIN system suggested by Legacy. I think it's ingenious and simple, although I've had to come up with a budget version of it. No binders. Hanging file folders instead, using only the numbers I need, and making digital copies of everything possible for preservation. Some documents exist as both paper and digital, some as only one or the other. Master sources numbers are cross-referenced to the master source list ID numbers, individual sources cross-referenced to the source citation file ID numbers. If a person's MRIN is 0037 for instance, then their documents are numbered 0037-1, 0037-2, 0037-3, etc.

Everybody's brain is wired somewhat differently. You have to be able to "see" what you're doing. Thanks Geoff!

I love the lineage page when doing research. It gives me the siblings of the individual which helps greatly in the research effort. It gives it to me in a brief form that can easily be printed and referred to often. I would like to know if this list could be expanded to show the maternal side similiar to a pedigree chart but include the siblings for a quick reference. Thanks

Sharon, not yet, but a good idea. It's on our list....

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