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October 26, 2006


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That story sure rings true with me. I know that I have looked at the same things multiple times. I plan to rewatch my beginner's video and make using the "To-Do" list a priority.

You're so right! I've just recently bought a second copy of a death registration 'cos I didn't keep my To Do list up to date.

It is a very effective tool, for recording my thoughts on what should be reseached as well as where I've already been - as long as I remember to use it properly. ;-)

I must make more of an effort. Thanks for the reminder! :-)

I too neglected to invest the time in research logs when I first started out 15 years ago. I finally figured it out when I received a bunch of PERSI articles in the mail and I had every one of them already! Now I write everything in a research log, both the positive and the negative results.

This is something I am learining to not only do but to keep on task. I don't know how many times I have gone back to the same web page or text file (on GenWeb for example)!! Now I also list ALL the web sites I visit and the results of each visit in the results area to be analyzed later. I even have a generic surname for each family and put all the information for that surname in the results in the "to-do" log for later review as well. It may be time consuming in one respect but it saves the repeat visits and it also logs my last time visted as I post 'closed' for that session.

But what's the difference between the To-Do List and the Research tab under the notes icon?

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