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November 02, 2006


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You say the Create CD feature is free to all Legacy users. How do I get it I have the latest deluxe version install but no sign of the above.
Clive Asher

Clive, In the main toolbar there should be a new button called Create CD. It is on the right side. Click on it. If you haven't already downloaded/installed our free version of Passage Express, it will prompt you to do so. If you don't have this new button, please let me know about it. If it's not there, right-click on the toolbar, which will give you a list of available buttons. Drag the Create CD button from the bottom selections to the main toolbar at the top.

By creating this CD, will the person receiving it be able to upload the info to their own Legacy file?

I have latest update but no icon to create cd, also right clicked and checked available icons. Passage Express is not free...do I have to download/buy it in order to get the create cd feature?
C Childers

C Childers and others:

If you don't see the Create CD icon in the main toolbar, AND you have the latest update (, please review this article for customizing your toolbar:


The Passage Express company created a special, free version of their software for our use.

Margaret, yes, you have the option to include a copy of your Legacy family file on the CD. The person to whom you give the CD can then import the family file into their Legacy software.

For Geoff,
When you right click, the icon for Passage Express looks like a red circle with the letters PE in it. I didn't realize that was it at first also.

I believe you gave the wrong impression that the created Passage Express CD would not require the receiver to download Legacy and my complete Legacy files would be downloaded on the CD. That would have made it easier for non-savy computer users.

I still do not realy understand the creating a C.D Do I have to download the standard version of Legacy first or is it just the receiver who downloads this and I just click the P.E. button

Could you please tell me if passage express takes 4 to five hours to download or am I doing something wrong in the download.

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