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December 12, 2006


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I thought you had one free. What happened to it? Thanks. Shirley

Shirley, you may be linking of the software described in this article: http://legacynews.typepad.com/legacy_news/2006/10/free_software_f.html

Is this a US-only mapping product or does it cover all areas of the world? My family are in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Canada and South America.

Ian, it is for the world.

Does this program take into consideration US state historical county names and county name changes that have taken place between 1600s and present?. If it doesn't, the program may want to change a correctly named county for the time period in my Legacy program to the modern day county name, which would then make the Legacy entry incorrect.

At the present time, Map My Family Tree uses contemporary County locations, and does not reflect that some towns could have been in another County in a previous century.

This can be accomodated by assigning custom or user-defined associations between the towns in the Legacy data base, and the towns in the Gazetteer.

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