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February 16, 2007


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That was too easy! Thanks for asking the question. I used unlinking and relinking - time consuming and risky at best.

The same process works for reorganising children too! View -> Children List

Does this work for children out of order also?

Ref. to more wives.
If you have been married more than once you will find that the chronology section will list them in the order of their birth age, not in marriage order. In my case I have been married 3 times my 2nd wife is listed first my 3rd is listed second and the 1st one is last.
I do not have a problem with this. But some may. And to my knowledge the program wont let you do it any other way. Jack

Problem: My niece has a same sex partner - how do we put that in Legacy?

Some place, some time I heard a speaker that talked about women with an unknown surname and a way to keep them straight in your name list. Rather than just not entering a surname at all I believe they said to use the married name with a prefix of MRS. Does this ring a bell with anyone and is this an accepted practice in the world of genealgoy??

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