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February 15, 2007


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Opera has had tabbed browsing for ages. Also it is much faster than IE 7 and generally thought to be more secure. It also has a great feature - "Widgets". This is a huge range of small programs that can be downloaded and added to Opera to do various tasks.
I currently use ones for :- TV listings (almost instant), currency conversions, local weather forecast, scientific calculator and earthquake monitor - but there are literally hundreds more. Oh and by the way Opera is free as are the Widgets.

Firefox has also been available with tabbed browsing for a long time. And there are also many other extensions for users to add to it. Don't sell IE7 like a new great thing, when is actually only slowly catching up to existing technologies.

Netscape 8 has had tabbed browsing for a long time too. It also can display pages as Firefox view or Internet Explorer view in case one view is better than the other. Microsoft usually just copies ideas from others, it's just bigger than anything else and can buy out anyone.

Speaking of browsers, Google Labs has a downloadable plug-in called Notebook, which lets you highlight and save selections from any Web page into a personal file. It beats just saving the URL in Favorites, since the content you want is preserved even if the original page disappears or changes. It's also much faster and easier than copying/pasting into a Word or other document. You can name and keep multiple Notebooks, which are then accessible from any computer using Google. You'll need a Google account, but these are free and quick to set up.

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