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June 29, 2007


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Wow! Another feature that made my viewed and printed reports more interesting. The filing system article is also worthy reading.

However, having customized the screen to colours more appealing to my viewing, I wished to return to these colours while working.

If you follow the "Choose the colours you want" guidelinea above, but rather than pressing the "Change" icon, remove the checkmark in the "Display custom generation line colours on screen". Colours should revert to those you originally selected for your display. Nothing prevents you from going back and re-checking the box, or choosing your own colours, and saving your changes.

Great feature!

Hello, I do recall some 'older' family trees that list siblings together
Father Mother
l l
l l l
son daughter son

Do you know how this was done, short of doing by hand? I would like to do this for my son and daughter and my grandchildren.
Thank you.

I follow the instructions to a tee, yet the printed pedigree is black/white, not color. How come?

Wes, it's likely that when your printer dialog opens, you need to modify its settings to print in color.

This may be potentially helpful, but this feature doesn't seem to extend to the names list (index of individuals). That is what I would find to be even more helpful. When looking at a very large list of people some may be in different branches of my family tree but may still have the same surname (and possibly also the same given name). It would then be very easy to tell which people belong to each branch if the color coding were extended to the names index.

I'm using the binder system with numbered tabs and currently it's working for me as all research documents are fitting there. Is this color system an alternative or would it supplement the binder system.

Drew mine by hand. But the Tree Draw Legacy Edition produces this chart format. See the Tree Draw under Legacy Store. The Legacy Charting Companion does not appear to produce the chart you seek.
Best regards,

My filing system was simple; a binder for each family group adding another binder when a child married, etc.
Direct or preferred line has 15 generations and the other three have slightly less. Too easy.

I would not operate two filing system at the same time. Colour coding your tabs may have some benefits. However, it should be treated as a separate system. My point of view may not be shared by the author.

If your system works for you remember the adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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