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August 24, 2007


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While considering the purchase of TreeDraw, I would like to understand in what way is TreeDraw's charting capability better than what comes included as part of FamilyTreeMaker? I happen to own an earlier version of FTM. Would importing gedcoms into FTM and then using FTM's charting capability produce different or inferior charts to those TreeDraw can provide?

Is your soft ware, TreeDraw, support Chinese Characters (UTF-8)? Especially the circle charpt, and top-down charpt.
PhpGedview doen't fully support.
Peter Huang

Can this chart be printed in a large format? How does one get that done? I want a large wall chart for family gatherings. Thanks.

Does Tree Draw have the ability to create an
a) All-In-One Chart similar to Genbox? All members in the gedcom file.
b) Bloodline Chart?

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