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October 11, 2007


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I would be happy to help but can only speak English. Based in New Zealand

Estoy despuesto a ayudar. Como empiezo?

Why not to include volunteers who can read both English and Portuguese also? Among Portuguese speakers in Latin America (Brazil) there are a lot of descendants from Europe, mainly Italy and Germany (not mentioning those from Japan). Some families (or surnames) have been split in immigrants that moved from Europe to Brazil, Argentina and USA (it is what happened with my surname which has about 31 variations, included: Scartezini, Scartezzini, Scartazini and Scartazzini in Brazil, but also Scartascini in Argentina and Scartazina in USA. Our surname was largely adapted to local languages as it is very difficult to be pronounced by any non-Italian speaker. This is the reason that another variation arose in Russia: Skartazini. As our roots in three Americas are mixed due to migration on XIX Century, the same happens with our genealogy data.

I am anxious for new Legacy 6.0 updates that will include also Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages. Especially because along English and German, these were the languages spoken by our ancestors and now are the languages spoken by our "relatives" that have not emigrated and probably are looking for the same kind of information we are, once we came from the same place, mainly Europe.

I am trying to do my Best to put my Legacy wording in those four languages beside English (Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish). And it is incredible that this Italian kind of surname (Scartezzini and its 31 variations) spring up lots of contacts coming from Switzerland as well from Argentina (among other countries)!

Till now I have put all personal pages in Portuguese and English, main pages in those five languages (as you can see from http://www.scartezini.com/legacy/ and soon we will have both Italian and Spanish).

Thank you for hearing my wishes…

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