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February 21, 2008


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I feel really mis-led when I click on the link that says "read the whole entry" only to find that you want to insist that I go to a "player" to listen to what I was expecting to be able to read. I would much prefer to have printed items that I can read and refer back to as I need. I am not happy with this format.

I wanted to listen to the interview with Geoff Rasmussen and found that when I clicked "play" I was listening to something about a class for British Genealogy and other things I didn't want to listen to. I tried to slide foward, but it wouldn't let me. So ..... guess I don't get to hear the interview.
This was my first visit to this link and I won't be back, unless I get to choose what I want to listen to.


It does say on the page, under the heading: TOPICS & GUESTS THIS WEEK that the interview with Geoff starts 18 min. 15 seconds into the podcast.

As a deaf person I am also interested in being able to read the articles. I also vote for a print version.

In a link it says click here to read the interview, when I do I am taken to a link to listen to it !!. Where can I read the MYRTLE interview Legacy Family Tree's Geoff Rasmussen, I do not want to listen to it, I want to print it out and take it away to read. A reply would be appeciated.

Regards Ray

Is there a way to SKIP the first 18 minutes & 15 seconds to start with Geoff's interview on Version 7??

I agree with the above comments re "getting to" this interview--which is NOT user friendly in its present format.

A solution will be most welcomed!


I am dissapointed, too, that I cannot read the article. In the past the articles have been so interesting and informative.
My dial-up is just too slow to load the interviews.

I want to be able to READ the articles. A whole hour of Video broadcasting and having to wait 18 minutes to get to the Legacy 7 interview is quite unacceptable. Please include some way we can download the printed interview to be read a more comfortable time and place. Like sitting in my recliner.

I have arthritis pretty bad and can only sit in front of the computer for a short time. So I really like to download and print out articles to read in a more comfortable environment.

Thank you for letting me post my frustrations.


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