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February 27, 2008


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Missing option to use "silhouette" to put "default" images in boxes where pictures of the individual are not available. Without this feature, charts look "klugey" and incomplete as some boxes have pictures while others have text only, AND the format of the text occupies the entire box, unlike the boxes with pictures where the text is only in half the box. The devil is in the details and options, options, options are necessary to make charts which are pleasing in the "eye of the beholder".

Missing ability to create nicely formatted HTML web pages of finished chart. I have my own web site and it will be the final repository for everything related with my family tree including charts.

Missing ability to "drag" lines to better indicate more complex relationships. Example: Male has 3 wives. Want to center male on a line above the three wives. Double "marriage" lines should come out the left side of male box, make downward right angle to center of the top of first wife box. Double "marriagle" line should come out of the middle of the bottom of male box and to go center of the top of the second wife box. Double "marriage" lines should come out of the right side of male box, make downward right angle to center of the top of the third wife box. By selecting a point on a line with the cursor, should be able to drag the shape of the line to be whatever is desired. Should also be able to move the "anchor" point of a line on a box or group of boxes. The more complex the relationships, the more flexibility in drawing lines is required to create charts where lines don't cross.

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