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March 26, 2008


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How good is Animap for Canadian locations: historical & current? Does it have the same depth for Canada as it does for the USA?

Brian, Ontario is the only available province. Otherwise, it will show the country border changes.

How about producing an Animap for the UK, after all many roots of people in the US and Canada are in the UK!

I've received the upgrade to Animap 3.0 and installed it on my computer. Is it okay to uninstall the previous version? It appears that this is not just an upgrade to the previous version, but a completely new program. Is that correct?

Dede, yes it is okay to uninstall the previous version. However, I think installing version 3 will just replace what you already have.

I don't understand your reply to Brian (March 31, 2008) What does "Otherwise" mean? or, is Quebec available?

Maureen - Quebec as a province is not available, but is included in the country-wide map.

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