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May 12, 2008


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Hopefully we also (those who are unable to attend) will get special pricing??

Here's Hoping


Congratulations with Legacy 7 Charting. See my blog-url above of what I managed to accoplish with it. I gave it a good write-up of the programme for the Afrikaans-speaking South Africans.

Request: I'd like to see a function whereby all siblings of the youngest generation could be included in one chart. After all: they all have the same ancestors. It will give charts much more meaning.

I'd also to see a function whereby the picture of the youngest generation can be enlarged.

Hello, I've been playing around with the Charting pre-release and had a couple of suggestions. I was having some trouble in trying to place name and BMD info underneath the picture in the box item menu. Eventually I figured it out that you had to format each line of information separately (i.e., which column it would appear in, the justification etc.). That was a little unclear in the help file. What I was unable to determine was if there was a way to format boxes other than by lineage, cohort, etc.. I would find it helpful if there was a tool to color individual box backgrounds, some manner of tranparency control, perhaps different shaped boxes (i.e. ovals), as well as some finer tweaks such as the ability to bleed or fade out the edges of the info boxes into the background. Just a suggestion.

Also, is it possible to add a descendent chart upward option (i.e., rooted by ancestor and growing upwards)? Thanks very much!

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