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June 13, 2008


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I ran into this exact problem ... and solved it easily by "updating" the free version to my deluxe version. Glad to know that it wasn't something I had done wrong ... but managed to do right!

I love the new features in Legacy 7 that I've discovered so far. I've been a faithful user since version 2 and will never turn back. Only other observation I have is that with 9800+ names in my database I find that lately it is running very, very slowly when I bring up other screens.

Thanks again!

I think Legacy charting is a fantastic programe, I have used it several times. I found that second spouses were not included, maybe I just missed something,

I have a similar comment with respect to the new charting program. It is a fantastic program and I use it in many different ways as I enter data. I would like to be able to show at minimum a second spouse though, even when there are no children out of a second or third marriage. Is this possible now or is it being contemplated in a later release?

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