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July 07, 2008


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So when's the rest of the UK due? :) I mean Scotland, I'd hoped it'd be part of the UK ;)

Yeah! We've been waiting for this! We have been having so much trouble figuring out how to source the England Census records. Thank you!!!

Being a Scot I find everytime that Scotland is omitted from these not just from yourselves but other webs as well, is there a reason for this or does Scotlands poeple have a monopoly on this ???

Simon - Scotland is next on the list....

Alex, it's actually next on the list....

How exciting to have UK templates added to the source-writer! Thank you. Have I missed the source conversion being added to update the sources we have already got recorded or is it yet to come? I have tried every way I can to accomplish this, but to no avail. However I may be overlooking some simple solution. Could you please help me.
Thank you.

Sandra, the source conversion tool is still being developed. In the meantime, take a look at http://www.mail-archive.com/legacyusergroup@legacyfamilytree.com/msg26496.html for suggestions on how to proceed now at converting your sources.

Geoff, thanks, I hoped it may be, but just wanted to make sure as, while I live in England, pretty much all my ancestors lived in Scotland so it's quite a big isue for me.

Thanks for the quick feedback!

What is the difference between 7.0 Standard and 7.0 Deluxe?

DeAnne - here is the list of differences between the standard and deluxe editions: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/DeluxeEdition.asp

Thank you for the English census add ons to the source citation list they are a wonderful addition.

But I have another problem, entering Australian Convict information such as muster lists, certificates of freedom, conditional pardons, ship arrivals and their trial details. Any suggestions on how I would go about entering these details with the new source writer ?


Hey... I sure do like Legacy 7.0. It's my first time using this software, and I might just switch over to Legacy for good.

Enhancement suggestions:
1. Make an option to change all instances of a citation at once (much like your "change all instances of source" option for sources).

2. A Locations Report where ALL instances of each state are listed together, broken down by state, then county, then city.

For example:
I have people born in the following places:
Cass County, Texas
Red River, Texas
Atlanta, Cass County, Texas
Clarksville, Red River, Texas

As it stands now, when I produce a Location Report, these places appear alphabetically, which means they can be all over the report rather listed as a group.

The result is a disjointed list that's cumbersome to use. Essentially, if you don't already know where someone was born, you have to read the entire report. A grouped list (such as the following) would be much easier to use.

Cass County
Cass County, Atlanta
Red River County
Red River County, Clarksville

Thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks for the census templates in :)


I can't figure out the best place to put this so feel free to move/adjust as needed. First, I just LOVE my new Legacy 7.0! You guys hit another home run! We just returned from vacation and I forgot to update my laptop to 7.0 before I left. Boy was that a mistake:)

Now to my question. While on our vacation I found information on a family that is a generation before the line I have entered into my data base. I have yet to find the connecting individual(s) between the two. Would I be better off creating a new family file and entering this information seperately until I find the missing link? If so, and assuming I find the missing person, will Legacy know where to put the information via a merge or will I have to enter the information manually into my existing data base?


Frank, you could simply add a surname as the placeholder for the missing generation, and go from there.

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