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November 11, 2008


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Yeah, the short location function is really great!!! THX!!!

HELP!HELP!HELP! I have Legacy after seeing it demonstrated at a recent conference I attended. I have been learning how to use it before starting to enter my own information. Then it asked me if I have my information anywhere else on my computer. I do have it all in another program that I don't particularly like. What do I do? I don't want to say "Yes" to Legacy only to find that it has taken all my information and put it into Legacy. I want to make a fresh start and add all the extra notes I have and I am certain that in some instances I have been given wrong information by others researching the same families. E.G. One family moved to America from England and granny told all the childen that her brother had been a coachman to Queen Victoria! He was a coachman but not to the Queen but to a rich family living in Leicestershire. Beware of 'granny's embroidered stories!!! I have several more instances like this and several wrong marriages in my data. NOW I check every scrap of information before adding it to my data base. Fortunately I had kept all my paper files to refer back to and to make a new start. So do I say "NO" to Legacy? Or what can I do. This looks like the program was written just for me! Congratulations.

Sounds interesting! However, there is no Charting icon on my Legacy 7 main toolbar. Where can I find it?

John, right-click on the main toolbar. Then drag/drop the Charting icon from the list of choices to the toolbar area.

With my Legacy 7 the Charting option appears under 'Reports menu' as 'Legacy Charting' and its own tool icon as 'Wall Charting', 2 names for the same thing.

Seth Reeder, Burgundy, France (using English UK version).

How simple! Thanks so much Geoff.

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