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January 05, 2009


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I have a suggestion for a future update. When putting in a source a little menu drops down asking if this source is to be given to everyone in the database or to the one person. If the former is accidently clicked and that isn't what you want, there is no way to delete the choice. Please add a delete. Bringing up every one in the database and deleting that paticular source is a big job and not on my favorite to do list.

I would like to see the notes and events in a descendant report come after the births, deaths and marriage of husband & wife. I don't like to read about someone and read their obit before I read the marriage and list of children in that marriage.

I have a suggestion. Can a filled in template of a source be brought up and then allow user to make changes and save as a new citation? It is cumbersome to have to type the same information when maybe only the title of the source is different.

I have another suggestion for a future update. I'd like the ability to do some basic formatting of text, like tabs and indents. A lot of my notes include long galleys of text and the ability to add tabs or to indent portions of text so that they stand apart from other text.

It would also be great to have some type of table or form to enter information that appears in census records. Being able to set tabs would help with putting census info into notes.

Thank you for a great product!

Debbie - this can already be done using the Source Clipboard. Others - thanks for the suggestions.

I would love to see a future update include the ability to show a spouse's other spouses (and children from them). E.g. Dick marries Jane & has a son Tom. Jane was previously married to Harry, & had daughter Jill from that marriage. It's be great if, after mentioning Dick's marriage to Jane & their son Tom, the report could say "Jane also was married to Harry on x-date, and they had a daughter Jill born on y-date."

Step-children are so much a part of many families now, and it's be great to be able to recognize them in these reports! Thanks for allowing us users to be a part of "designing" your great software!!!

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