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April 28, 2009


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Some corrections and additions to be more precise.

1) The correct title must be "FamilySearch Publishes its First Brazilian Collection Online".

2) The artcile mention to Rio de Janeiro Civil Registration. In this case Rio de Janeiro is the State and not the City. The civil registrations have a lot of others cities.

3) The correct spelling is Paraná and not Paranã.

Am I imagining things, or do you mean a "first Brazilian collection"? The digital images are of Brazilian records, which will be in the Portuguese language -- or, rather, in the Brazilian dialect of the Portuguese language -- but that doesn't make them "Portuguese".
From a purely selfish point of view, when will the real Portuguese records be online? With so many relatives born in Portugal, I leapt at the announcement only to be disappointed -- and confused!

Guy: Sorry for any confusion regarding the Rio de Janeiro Civil Registration records online at FamilySearch. To answer your question, Portugal vital records of different types are on FamilySearch's roadmap for future publication. I am not allowed to give a date at this time, but it will be soon. Stay tuned. Thanks.

Thank you, Paul. No problem over the scrambled title, which a knowledgeable Brazilian correspondent had already pointed out before my post was moderated.
Portuguese records will be interesting, especially to those of us who are British. Britain and Portugal are long-standing allies, and many British people (and others, alas!) died there during the Peninsular Wars. And my son was born there :) All the best, Guy K

The information that records from all Brazilian Rio de Janeiro Civil records are at Family Records is NOT accurate. There are many names of my family whose records I own which do not appear in the search.

To answer Ricardo Veloso and others who may be interested - when will the real Portuguese records be online?

http://genregis.com/ - an ongoing database consisting of the transcription of records from Portugal

http://etombo.com/ - a guide to all digitalised records all over Portugal

Since 2004 there has been projects to make portuguese records available online for free. The Porto Archive has more than 19.000 books already online. Have a go!

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