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April 02, 2009


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How did you get the marriage line between 2 people under the boxes?

Noel - are you referring to the ship chart above? If so, it was created using the Father's Tree. The Father's Tree also displays the wife of each person, which I didn't want for this particular chart. So I marked each wife as "private" in Legacy, then using Charting's privacy options, I turned off their display. The line between generations is automatically there.

Giclee looks and feels like real artwork; however, it has some limitations. It absolutely cannot stand any type of bright sunlight hitting the canvas or it will fade quickly and can become nearly ghostlike in coloration. Wall placement is critical to its life.

Giclees shouldn't fade depending on the ink that was used on the canvas. For our the archival prints in our printing for Legacy Charting, we only use pigment inks. We have run them through the washing machine and left them outside in the snow and sun from Thanksgiving through Valentines and seen no noticeable difference. So, we feel very good about recommending them (like the ink manufacturer does) as archival.
Let me know if I can send you a swatch.
Janet Hovorka
Generation Maps

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