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April 30, 2009


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Sounds great!

As it always does.

But... Will there NEVER be Legacy activities like this held in the Northeast? Or have I totally missed them in the last couple of years I've been using Legacy and following these news items? I live in Connecticut, and anything held within two or three hours drive -- hey, make it four -- would be welcome. That covers a LARGE number of states. And yet, you really seem to favor the western half of the U.S. Why is that? Do you not have as good a customer base in this region?

Serious, hoping to see you out this way sometime!

Charles, since our company headquarters are in Arizona, I guess we're closer to some of these places here. We do have a great user base back east however. We were just in Portland, Maine a few months back for a seminar. If your society is looking for a half/full day seminar, let us know. We'd be happy to send a list of currently-popular lecture titles that make up a really good seminar. The classes focus on genealogy technology, with some Legacy classes as well.

Make that 2 for Connecticut area

Why not throw in the Philly area also.

Neither Hemet nor Burbank are within reasonable travel distance for me. What about the Greater San Francisco Bay Area? What are we? A red-headed step-child?

I have a feeling that I have missed it, but have you been or will be in Washington State?

Hi Judy - yes, we teach several classes there a year. Watch our calendar for future updates.

Looking forward to a Florida meeting!

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