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July 14, 2009


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When are you planning on adding the Book writing feature similar to the FTM v16?

Ernest - this is already in Legacy. Just go to Reports > Publishing Center.

Some time ago I suggested for the Desktop of the Family View that the view include the full dates and locations for each child and that one should be able to scroll down the list of children to see the full traditional Family Group Sheet View. Your reply was to view the family via the Descendant View. This does not work as the whole individual family cannot be seen in this way, if the first child has lots of descendants, which is usually the case. Also, when there are more than 10 children, some of the information on current Family View is covered so that you can't refer to it without opening the edit dialogue box. The pop up box is not sufficient if you want to see the family and its data, and missing data, at a glance.

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