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August 10, 2009


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I love GedStar and have had some recent communication with the creator. I encourage you to check in with him about his future plans for the software.

Do you have something that will run on a Blackberry?

How about the android (G1, G1)? We have about everything else available on it - price checking from bar code, scriptures, on and on. I am going to a reunion and would like to have it on my G1.

Sheldon - unfortunately not at this time.

Daniel - not that I know of....

Still looking for something that will work with my new iPhone. Suggestions?

Do you have anything that works on iPod Touch?

I just download my legacy file to a gedcom, then download the gedcom file to my usb drive, seems to work just fine?

Is it true that GedStar Pro development has stopped and will not be made for the Palm Pre?

I don't know what I'm doing wrong, tried to install MojoPac on a USB stick several times & never would install properly. No tech support for it either :-(

Gedview works quite well for the IPOD touch!

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