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September 01, 2009


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This is wonderful news!

This is now my 'genealogical happy dance' moment!

I do hope this new service will include a warning that this type of site should be used with caution and a clear understanding of what is being offered. For an example please see the following article and posted comments....http://legacynews.typepad.com/legacy_news/2009/08/dangerous-temptations-in-genealogical-research.html

Legacy keeps getting bigger and better all the time. I am so glad that I have told all my students to always use Legacy. Thank you Legacy for sending those "CD"
for the students. Thank you again. And thank those on Lagacy that help to make it bigger and Better ever year. Doug.

Fantastic news! I've been waiting and waiting! I can hardly wait until our LUG starts back up in September to share the news.

I know I am asking a dumb question but what is familySearch certification. LDS library has a lot of my file already and then mixed it up with someone else information. It does not contain a bit of documention in any of their files that I have found.

Now if I could get the St Peters Evangical Lutheran Church films I had at my local LDS family Center which has closed put on a UBS flash drive as picture file,that would be exciting news. I paid to have them so they would always be there and could take my time translating from German to English.


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