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October 28, 2009


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How should a family-named or historic location be entered? Many people are born and die at historic houses and/or family farms with names such as "Pleasant Rest." For example - "Mount Vernon," Fairfax County, VA, USA. Should quotation marks not be used? Thank you.

Anne Leyden - although I don't have an authoritative answer to your question, I've not seen quotations in locations in any standards. I would likely go without them.

While correcting Master Locations which I sorted by 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st fields, I found a number of placeholders without leading commas which indexed out of sequence. I tried to shortcut data entry by using the Geo Location button when correcting and found for NEW ZEALAND it tended to want to put my City/Town , , New Zealand, rather than , , City/Town, New Zealand.
As we don't commonly use counties particularly in historical data, what is the recommendation?

You have answered my question about USA not being added to locations with "of" or "prob". However, the USA was added when these were attached to a city or county, but not a state. If the Family History Department has discouraged the use of these, it will cause a lot of inaccurate information.

You also answered my question about cemetery names. How do I put church names in front of the location, if I can't put cemetery names in front of the location?

And, what happens with locations in Germany where I have five or six parts of a location?

I must be newer at this than I thought....what is the guideline about the comma useage in locations. Sometimes there are spaces between the commas and I don't know if I accidentally put them there or if I was missing something. To refresh: each comma stands for a part of the location I don't know but in order to have it done correctly, I need to use one if for instance I don't have a county or if the location is a province instead of a state. How many are actually available? Is the number different if I am in Europe, Japan, etc?

The country now (and since 1922) is the "United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland."
England, Scotland, Wales and so on are NOT countries in their own right any more - they are semi-autonomous regions - similar to how states are in the US.

However, saying that it seems the standard *is* to use England, Scotland etc as the top level identifiers, even for places identified since 1922. I'll be waiting for my English passport to arrive then.


Please pardon my ignorance but I'm assuming we have a choice as to whether we allow family search/IGI to access our information? I do NOT want my information uploaded to the net.

Disey - yes, it is entirely optional.

New Family Search uses the standardized term United Kingdom following the countries of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. So, it would be written as Pointon, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

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