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December 07, 2009


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Are we going to be able to sync by year end?

Kathy - I sure hope so. The programmers told me yesterday that they're shooting for the end of this month to have the software all certified by FamilySearch.

I assume I have to download 7.5 in order to download the next change, ie 7.6. If I download 7.5, is there a method to make sure my data is not shared with Family Search?
I have found that most of my experiences with Family Search has resulted in erroneous data. Apparently, no sources are required to submit data.

R. Millinger - yes, just do not click on the FamilySearch button, then do not register for the FamilySearch account and proceed. There will eventually be much more that you'll be able to do with the FamilySearch tools other than optionally share your data.

All I want for Christmas...is the ability to sync with New Family Search.

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