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January 28, 2010


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Great ability for a browser even though Microsoft was probably the last to the party with that capability. With IE 8, you are limited to eight tabs which may be sufficient for most users.

Opera's browser, www.opera.com, probably has a limitation, but it is way beyond eight and suits my needs better. I had a slight learning curve with Opera, but now use it almost exclusively. Some hyperlinks need to open in IE, and Windows Update obviously functions solely within IE. After spending time with Opera and learning more of its capabilities, I rank it far superior to IE and it is far more secure.

I agree with Mark - Opera has had this feature for some time and is far superior. Opera provides 9 "Speed Dial" links whenever you open a new tab, click on one and you're in. It doesn't pre-load the pages like IE, which is great for those of us with slower connections, and the linked pages can be changed with a few clicks.

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