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February 12, 2010


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Is Pocket Genealogist available to use on an itouch?

Sue - no, PG is only available for Windows Mobile phones/devices.

I am considering buying the HP iPAQ 111 Classic Handheld for the purpose of using the Pocket Genealogist.
Will this work for the Pocket Genealogist?
Thanks, Richard


Yes, the 111 will work great and is supposed to be a nice device from what I've heard.

Kevin Phillips
Northern Hills Software

I had a lot of data on my handheld. When I didn't use it for many months, the battery went flat and I lost the lot. I haven't used my palm for years now, and didn't bother to reinstall all the data, because of this problem. How does one overcome this problem? I thought it would be a great idea originally, especially for travelling, but I guess small laptops have made these a bit superseded.

What about a windows smart phone ... a treo pro aka 850?



Sorry for the less than timely response. Smartphones are also supported as long as it runs Windows Mobile. (Both touchscreen and non-touchscreen are supported)

So yes, the Treo Pro 850 is supported.


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