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March 31, 2010


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I use GIMP or IrfanView to do this because they are free, the only other way I know of is embed the information in the photo. But who thinks of looking into the properties of the image for more info ;-)

Thanks for this great tip. I'm glad to find another use for my PSE.

This is a great method for not only adding source information, but also for preserving handwritten information on the backs of photographs. I have scanned in many photos from my great-grandparents and grandparents that have great "stories" on the backs. I was also scanning the backs, but now I can also attach the stories to the images using the backside scans! Thank you!

What do you do if the image you are dealing with is a PDF file and not a JPG file.

It is much easier to do this with "Paint" program in PC's. Just copy the exact obit you need and paste as a new file. Then rotate and add source information in the margin,

JPG files deteriorate each time you copy them. It is okay to save it as a JPG initially if you take a photo with a camera, say. But after you upload the image to your computer before you make copies of it for anyone you should save the JPG as a PNG (ping) file. PNG files do not deteriorate the same way the image quality does with successive copies of the image. I personally use Adobe Photoshop to convert my files from whatever into a PNG, but other programs may also do the trick.

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