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August 09, 2010


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I have been using a program called Remobo (http://www.remobo.com) with success. I have not used it long-distance, but I assume it would work as well as when I access my desktop downstairs while using my laptop upstairs.

I use LogMeIn, there is a free version and there are more advanced paid versions.

I also use Logmein - for my work functions, and for my personal access to home computer. Great product and the free version is very functional.

Will this work between two computers when one is running XP and the other Windows 7 ?

Arnie. Yes, I suspect that it does. GoToMyPC.com does at least. Even if you're on a Mac, you can access your Windows computer.

Thanks Geoff

I use LogMeIn. As the family computer expert, it has saved me a lot of road time and phone time. Whenever I help a family member install a computer, I make sure LogMeIn is installed.

I use LogMeIn -for my work and for personal. I use a combination of free and paid versions and am very satisfied with it. It works just fine between PCs running different Windows versions (I have Win 7, Vista, and XP Pro).

I use gbride I have always been able to access my computer from a computer with gbrige on. I would like something similar to gbridge on my android phone.


I see several others also use LogMeIn. I use the Free version all the time between XPs and a Mac and other PCs and it works great. The only thing you have to remember when controlling a Mac from a PC is to use the short cut keys of "Ctrl" and Z,X,C,V that you have to use the "Windows" key when you are copying, pasting etc on a Mac. But it works perfectly.

The other nice feature is that you can disconnect from the remote machine and leave the tab running, and in one click you are back in control of the remote machine.

LogMeIn has never dump me or given me any problems for the 4 years I have used it and on a rating of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate it a 10.

I see the Gbridge free does not say a word about being cross platform.

Let me give you all a tip that you should use on any PC, it is to go to http://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/ and down load their free update checker. It is the best free one I have ever seen, and use.

Dave. . .

I also use Log Me In and love it. I use the free version and it does everything I want.

I use Windows Home Server - it provides storage for all my files and backs up both laptops each night.

Remote access is easy to use and you can create a folder for each user.

The disadvantage is when mum comes to stay I have to switch drives and set it up as a computer with XP as you cannot use it as a computer and she does like to play Solitaire.

It just sits in the corner all day every day doing it's thing and I can access anytime via internet.

I use the free service from NTRConnect.com. I can log into my work computer (which runs XP) from my Macbook or my Win 7 machine. It will not wake up your computer you are remoting into and you cannot download files from the computer you are remoting into, but I find it works great.

Geoff....we loved having you in Oregon. Thanks for speaking at the Eugene, Or conference. Hope you recover quickly and are back on your feet soon.
Pat S
Florence, Or.

This sounds great!

Can the actions I perform on the remote computer be viewed by a person sitting in front of it (when using programs (e.g. LogMeIn))??.

I would like to be able to demonstrate to a distant person what I am doing on their computer, so that they can learn and do it themselves next time. Thanks.

John - yes, the person sitting in front of the computer would be able to see your actions. On the flip side, if you don't want people seeing what you're doing, I know that GoToMyPc has a feature that can block this. Maybe the others do too.

I've used the Remote Desktop for several years. It has worked well for me.

Like Don, I can use Windows Home Server for remote access. When I bought a new Vista PC in 2008 (soon to be upgraded to Win7 -already did my laptop) I wiped my old PC & installed the WHS software on that tower. 'Very easy process...and great to have our desktops & laptop backed up each night. It stores all our photos, music & big files, too... accessible from any PC we have, so they don't slow down our PC's.

The other bonus to WHS is the option for Remote Access -of the Server and of your PC. You do need both the Server and home PC turned on -and on the internet. Check out this option at: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/windowshomeserver/connect.mspx

Another option in addition to the ones discussed above is Proxy Networks. This remote access software works with the major operating systems and is highly stable and easy to use. My employees at my small business (In Grants Pass!) picked it up in no time.

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