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September 28, 2010


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What I'd like to do is to view 'clusters' of locations of groups of individuals. At present, I can only seem to view a single person.

I, too, would like this Tony. Currently this is only available in Legacy's add-on, Map My Family Tree.

Is it any help to use the Master Locations list, sorted right to left, then you will have all those in, say, England, Lancashire, Warrington, ... next to each other in the list? Clicking on each location will show the people connected with that location. It would be good if it were possible to highlight all the Warrington locations and get a full list of all the Warrington-connected people in one hit.

You can Joyce.
Just highlight all the locations you want and then click Options - Show List.
I use my location list sorted right to left all the time.
It's true that you can code your entire Location list automatically - however, given that we enter historic locations and it works on current locations, you need to check each one. I put a tick in the Ver[ified] column when I've checked it.
To check the entire list is an enormous job. I tend to go straight to mapping when entering a new location and then check the locations in that area before returning to my data entry.
Another tip: If the initial choice of Bing/Virtual Earth is way off the right place, Click the Geo Code button again and choose Do not auto geo-code the current location. Then, with the location list sorted right to left, choose a nearby location to relocate the map to the correct area. Return to the location you are wanting to map and right click on the right spot. If you don't do this and find the spot by using the aid of a nearby location, you are frustrated with the map swinging off to the wrong location as soon as you return to it.

After following the above instructions I got the message "The Virtual Earth map has not finished loading yet. Geo-code not available until the map is loaded". Therefore I waited for some time & nothing (repeat nothing!) happened. I closed the Master Location List window, re-opened it & tried again: same result: nothing! Then I thought that rather than attempt to, as you describe above, "Geo-code all un-resolved locations..."; perhaps I should try a single location. Only then, in the middle of the map window, appeared the message 'Mapping requires Internet Explorer version 7 or newer'. Apart from the fact that you do not explain that proviso in your above description; what about all the people in the world who do not use Internet Explorer as their browser?

Is there a text document for this webinar?

Michele, no the webinar has not been transcribed.

Jack - you are correct, for Legacy's Mapping to work correctly, IE7 needs to be installed. This doesn't mean that you have to use it for anything else though. Continue using Firefox, etc., but if you want the mapping to be successful, you just need to install it. These system requirements are listed at http://www.legacyfamilytreestore.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=L7T&Show=TechSpecs

IS that possible to geo-code the master location on legacy 6.0?

Thank you

Ulisses - no, this was a new feature introduced in Legacy 7.0.

I've only just now had the opportunity to review the recorded version of this webinar ... I can not believe that I've had Ani-Map for over six years and DID NOT KNOW that there was a map for Canada (esp Ontario). This piece of information alone was worth the time I took away from my office work today. Thank you so much!!!

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