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September 01, 2010


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Sounds great but I work in the day time. How about one in the evenings (night)?

Bobby - I understand about the timing. With registrants, already, from all around the world, it was difficult planning the best time for everyone. There's also a chance that the webinar will be recorded for those who couldn't make it during the scheduled time.

I hope it will be recorded. I am keen, but not enough to get up at 4.00 am here in Melbourne, Australia.

I hope it's more than a chance that the webinar will be recorded. I, along with many other loyal Legacy users are not available at the scheduled time.

I happen to not be available that day but would love to see a taped version.

I agree Jennifer 4.00 am is crazy for all of us Australians - please try and make it available to view online

I don't get off work until 3:30pm EST. I would love to see a rerun! I have been trying to decide if I should get Ani Map.

I too hope it will be recorded since I will be at work at that time. I vote for an evening class!

I'm registered and look forward to joining the webinar. What is the latest version of Animap. I bought it some years ago, but never used it, because I didn't really find it much better than other gazeteers. Maybe I just wasn't using it correctly. Don't even know if I kept it.

By the way, shouldn't "webinar" rhyme with "seminar"? "We-BEE-nar" sounds really hokie.

Larry - the latest edition of Animap is 3.0.2.

Please tape to allow viewing if unable at 2:00 EDT (12:00 p.m. MDT) due to a previous engagement.

2:00PM EDT, Guess I ought to know where EDT is, but right now it is lost on me. Could you tell me which state has that time when you start? Then I will be able to figure out the time here. Or at what Arizona time does it start, that would work too.

Anne. It will be 11am Arizona time. EDT is eastern.

The afternoon is great for me this particular Wednesday. I agree with everyone that recording is a great idea. Maybe next time, the time won't be good for me. I use Animap and like it.

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