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December 20, 2010


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I tried this and it only displayed some of the people in my file. I could not find an option to expand the people selected to include or exclude cousins or generations. How can this be done?

This is a very nice feature. There's just one tiny problem: I have set in the calendar report settings "use married names for females" as most of them do, but for the exceptions, I have set "Don't generate married names" on the couple's marriage settings in the main program. Unfortunately, the calendar module ignores these. Also a problem with same-sex marriages or partnerships of course. It would be nice if Legacy's calendar would honor the "Don't generate married names" setting even if the report setting says "use married names for females". Thanks.


The options to select individuals are found on the "Include" tab of the Calendar Creator options window.

The options do not include selecting individuals by generations or lines. You can select based on living status or tagged.

You can create a tagged group using Advanced Tagging. Go to the Name List and click on Options > Advanced Tagging.

Technical Support
Legacy Family Tree


If you have selected firstname, surname on the Options tab, anniversaries will show with married names, i.e. David and Clara Brown rather than David Clark Brown and Clara Etta Crosby. This has been reported to the programmers for a fix.

If this isn't the issue you're seeing, please contact us at Support@LegacyFamilyTree.com and one of our support techs will work with you on this issue.

Technical Support
Legacy Family Tree

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