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February 10, 2011


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Yah, that could make me happy.

When you join a webinar using the phone line, is there a charge?

If the phone number is long distance for you, then that would be the only costs.

You named everything but the BRAND of computer. It it a laptop or desktop? cbkinME

C B - it's a desktop - I had it custom built so it's not an off-the-shelf computer with a name brand.

You don't mention that your Windows 7 is (installed as) the 64-bit version so that you get full use of the 12GB RAM! You _are_ using 64-bit ... ?

Kool ! but, You should try again only this time with AMD inside.. You will not be pleasantly suprised... You will be in ectasy !!! You also need to move up to Win7 Ultimate 64 bit...
Believe me I Know !!!

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