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March 23, 2011


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Thanks Geoff and the gang at Legacy Family Tree - your team is great to work with! I always feel well supported and you are the perfect moderator.

For anyone who attended the webinar, please take a minute to leave me a review at http://speakerwiki.org/speakers/Thomas_MacEntee - click Write a Review and leave your comments.


Our pleasure Thomas. You are welcome anytime to speak to our Legacy users. Thanks again!

JLog (http://www.jgen.ws/jlog/backup/a-simple-backup-plan/) had an interesting review and comment about Thomas' webinar. I commented on it and include it in this post. At the outset - I LOVE the webinars that Legacy is hosting AND I truly appreciate that you are hosting webinars on a variety of topics (many of which are not related to your software - you are truly "giving back" to the genealogy community). Additionally, I think Thomas is an excellent speaker, his slides are easy to follow, he clearly has a handle on how to move around between his presentation and websites, and he is very much at ease with the webinar setup. That said - here is my comment -

I attended Thomas’ webinar and agree that it provided a great deal of information, perhaps too much for the audience (the four polls gave some idea of the audience and I find these polls interesting BUT too late to gauge where the audience is skill set-wise). It would be helpful to ask these questions when someone signs up and/or have varying levels – i.e., for those who have never backed up; for those who want to back up to flash or an external drive; for those who want to back up to the cloud (as well as pros and cons to each). Someone could progress through the set as needed or jump in where they need to learn.

That said, the webinar was useful to make me aware of the availability of various resources and decide whether I need or want to take my backup plan to the next level. Additionally I am quite thankful for the variety and quality of webinars being offered through Legacy Family Tree. I like the fact that they offer webinars which relate to the genealogy community in general and not just their genealogy software program, and that they bring together a variety of speakers. In light of your posting and several others (I read all your tech posts when I started and find your tips very helpful) why not contact Legacy and offer your services. Thanks for your continuing “sharing” to help make the rest of us better genealogists and a bit more techie!

Thanks,Tessa. The link above is not working because the closing bracket is part of the linked URL. People are being sent to a 404 page. Here's the right link: http://www.jgen.ws/jlog/backup/a-simple-backup-plan/

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