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May 27, 2011


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I note you show PARIS on your map of mainland Europe, PARIS is in fact well inland from where you show it and NOT accessible by a cruise liner. I think this is misleading as is showubg the name PARIS in brackets after Le Havre in the text. You make matters worse by showing a picture of a green lawn and the Eiffel Tour in the background. I am sure you are not trying to deceive but in reality you are.

Hi I am a long term user of Legacy and live in Ireland. I think it is a real pity that the cruise does not call to Cobh in Cork Harbour Ireland which was the setting for thousands of emmigrants leaving Ireland for America. There is a wonderful Heritage centre commemorating the Great Famine as well as the Emmigrants leaving Ireland.I am sure many of those who will be on the cruise and have Irish ancestry would sadly miss this if they knew it existed.

Seth - thanks for writing. The information about Paris came directly from the cruise line. My guess is that Paris is one of the optional excursions available from that port.

Too bad the ship wasn't able to also stop in Belfast as it may have been beneficial to those whose ancestors came from what is now known as Northern Ireland like my ancestors did.

You should do a cruise of just the British Islands!

Also why not run some classes whilst you are here. Or attend the "Who Do You Think You Are" Exhibition in February 2012 - biggest genealogical show in Europe - and support some of your European subscribers!

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