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May 06, 2011


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Is this going to be archived somewhere?

The recording is now available in our webinar archives at www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/webinars.asp

I thought that I knew how to data entry.....but Geoff has opened my eyes to so many extra features which I did not know existed. Fantastic presentation which kept me glued to the screen... a rare occurrence I might add. Thank you Geoff.

Thanks for the death certificate flash webinar. I don't Facebook, etc., so didn't catch the original - but when I got word of it, I immediately went to take a look and was more than just a little pleased.

What you did, live, is exactly what I believe members of our the LUG were looking for rather than just the DVD instructions that come with the program or can be purchased. Not that they're not great, too, but I think a lot of beginners and even long time users want to know that they are doing it the same way a pro like yourself, or that someone who has used the program for a long time, transcribes their record. It gives them confidence, new ideas, understanding of why things are done a particular way.

Your comment about not having to fill in all the blanks really is important when coming to sourcing. That was a problem for some people when the new SourceWriter was introduced and included in Legacy. Comments like that as you go along are what give users confidence. Thanks for a great job.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming marriage record webinar.

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