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July 01, 2011


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Webinar is useless for me unless it is captioned because I am Deaf.

Webinars are useless when all I have is dial-up!

HI Geoff,
I would like to know how you change from Legacy to Animap; it looks like you click on an area of Legacy?
Also How do you bring up the small window with the 5 or 6 icons?

Thank you,
Jack Murray

Jack - since I had both Legacy and AniMap open, I just rotated between them using the Windows shortcut ALT-TAB. This is probably the small window of 5/6 icons that you were referring to.

I agree completely with other comments about how useful it is to see a "real" person entering "real" data and following the process. I learned a lot about shortcuts also.
Question about the way you file (on your hard drive) source documents and photos. Why do you use a geographical filing system for documents? What are the pros and cons of that vs a lineage/person based system?
I didn't see what your folder structure is for photos - is it the same or is it family/person based. How do you file photos that have several persons of interest in them?

Geoff - Yes it is, I must be getting old as have been on computers since 1979 and with the new Windows 7 still don't know all the features.

Jack Murray

Diane - we have an entire webinar dedicated to the filing system methods. On the third of August, Karen Clifford will explain a paper filing system where you file your papers according to both surname and locality. I've implemented a similar filing system for my digital media as well. See www.legacyfamilytree.com/webinars.asp

Sharon - you're right, the webinars do require a higher speed Internet connection. If you are interested in any of the titles, many of them are available on CD in the online store which wouldn't require your Internet connection to view.

I live in New Zealand and am looking at joining your webinar on 14 September. However, I'm having trouble working out the time. Your website advises the webinar commences 2pm EST - and suggests 6pm GMT as my viewing time here in NZ? However, should it not be 6am GMT?

Maggie - I'm using http://www.timezoneconverter.com to convert the time zones, and it shows 6PM GMT.

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