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July 22, 2011


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hello, I will be a work at the time of the webinar. will the webinar be archived so I might view it at another time? thank you
Linda in Arizona

Linda - yes, if all goes well, the webinar will be recorded and published to our archives at www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/webinars.asp later in the day.

Hi, it will be 6.00am NZ time, I will be getting organised for work so can't make it either. Will look forward to seeing the webinar archive. Keep up the good work.

Is it possible to learn from your webiners
in Australia? As a Begginner Am feeling very much like in a fog with poor vision to catch up with this wonderful program and the resulting joy it is possible to attain!
Your Video Training Disks are fantastic "Bring It On " Best Wishes Louis Leake.

Geoff, I have watched many webinars and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy them. I have used Legacy so many years, I don't remember when I started but I am still learning so many tips from you. I never even thought about figuring out what all I could do with Legacy but your webinars are showing me wonderful shortcuts. Just wanted to thank you.

Forgot to mention the iphone app. I have an android. It works great! Love it!

Is much of this info specific to Legacy Software? I missed the start so will look for Replay later today... thank you

Yes, some of it was specific to Legacy. The recording will be in the archives shortly.

I thought it was interesting that all information, citations, etc goes into General Notes. I tend to use events the same way with the advantage that the list can be sorted by date.

Diane - yes, Karen does put everything into the General Notes and there are advantages, however, there are advantages to using the events with citations to build the chronology as well. We'll do a follow up webinar soon to demonstrate this.

David - yes, the webinars are available for anyone regardless of where you live. In Australia, you might have to get up a bit early to attend the live sessions, but the recordings in the archives or on the CDs are also available to you.

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