"Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record" - a free webinar September 7, 2011
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Free webinar now online - "Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record" AND the CD bundle is now available

GeoffMug2 Yesterday's webinar, Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record, presented by Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen (...that's me...) is now available in our webinar archives. The webinar ended up being much more than simply learning how to add a census record in Legacy. It included guidance on using the source clipboard, custom events, chronologies, historical timelines, radius searches, Research Guidance, To Do Lists, the Geo Location database, plus lots of little tips and tricks along the way. One attendee commented, "I learned so much tonight and I've been researching for 35+ years!" Another wrote, "I learned WHY I should be doing this as well as how to do it."

View the recording

If you could not make it to the live event, the 1 hour 41 minute recording of Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record is now available to view in our webinar archives. Visit www.LegacyFamilyTree.com/webinars.asp to watch. It is available for free until September 19, 2011.

Pre-order the webinar-on-CD

WBNDL3Own your own copy of Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Census Record by purchasing the webinar-on-CD for just $9.95. It includes the recording of the class, the complete Question/Answer session, and the 1-page handout with all the step-by-step instructions. Click here for more information or to purchase.Or purchase the brand new Watch Geoff Live Bundle for over 6 1/2 hours of Legacy instruction. Includes:

  • Adding a Death Certificate
  • Adding a Marriage Record
  • Adding an Obituary
  • Adding a Census Record

Click here to purchase the bundle for $34.95 (sold separately: $39.80).

Special discount coupon

The special discount coupon of census that was announced during the webinar is valid for 10% off anything in our online store through Monday, September 12, 2011.

Viewers' comments

  • Again, a wonderful webinar. I don't care how many times I go through the training videos, I still seem to learn at least one new thing every time I attend a webinar. Keep up the good work.
  • Another excellent presentation by Geoff. My comfort level in using Legacy soars after each webinar.
    Fantastic as always. I think these "Watch Geoff" webinars are the best way to learn to use Legacy to its fullest.
  • Geoff Rasmussen is by far the best -he makes the process of entering data almost human.  Not anything to be fearful of. Thank you.
  • Geoff's comment about "this is not just about adding a census record" is bang on.
  • Geoff's webinars are the most helpful sources offered by Legacy.  He discusses so many Legacy resources - like the importance of timelines - that I never realized the value of before.
  • Getting the census details onto the chronology report was great! I had not known how to accomplish that. That was one of many new things I learned tonight.
  • I consider myself to be a proficient Legacy user, but learned several new tips! Thanks!
  • I had been struggling in finding a consistant  way of sourcing census records, and now I have an easy way of doing a census source. Thank you for your lesson and time.
  • I had no clue what that clipboard was all about until today. So glad I tuned in! Thanks. I will definitely watch for more of interest.
  • I have always picked up at least one "little gem" during these watch geoff live webinars that gets me excited and wanting to go to work right away. Today was no exception.
  • I learned so much tonight and I've been researching for 35+ years! I can't say enough of how appreciative I am of your free webinars and the content in them. Keep up the good work!
  • It was another very informative seminar.  I always get new tips.  One of the most reasurring is that you don't always have to follow the rules for data entry.  Just make sense of what you enter and be consistent.
  • Now that was something I needed to know. I learned WHY I should be doing this as well as how to do it. OK, so now I have a lot of work to do but at least I know why and how. I can see where by doing so will make things so much easier for me in the future or anyone else working with my data. Great stuff and a great job teaching it. Thank you so much.
  • The information on using the Source Clipboard will prove to be most helpful.  A true gem for any researcher.
  • This webinar taught me more in an hour and a half than I ever could have taught myself in a day!! I love these types of webinars. I am becoming more of a Legacy "expert" every time I attend.
  • Today's webinar was enjoyable from beginning to end.  Most enjoyable were the many added tips given as shortcuts and helps.
  • As much as I love these webinars, I think the "little tips" are my favorite part! I've learned about so many useful things that I didn't even know existed as part of Legacy Family Tree.

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I thought you said the "guideline" would be avail, but I don't find it??

Mabel - the link is on the video page in the archives.

I just watched the recording of 'Watch Geoff Add a Census Record.' Excellent teaching! I learned a lot. Too much to accomplish any time soon (like moving source text into Events notes by the thousands) and wish I'd known some of it sooner. Thank-you.

I learned much I wished I had known years ago in this Webinar... Thank You. I like moving source text to Events, but this results in way too much repetition in Descendant Narrative Reports. Is there a way to prevent them from printing in book reports?

A. J. - I thought surely there was a simple option to prevent event notes from printing but I guess not. I've now asked the developers if they would provide that option for us in a future update.

Geoff, when you were reformatting the household members onto the 'events' you started by making a blank line and saying you would tell us why later. You didn't, so, why? I have been busy using these newly learned things. OH, something else, along with making the name of the person bold, I have been underlining them. This makes a big difference to my eyes.

Dale - the purpose for the blank line is to make it look better and easier to read in the Chronology View.

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