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September 08, 2011


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I thought you said the "guideline" would be avail, but I don't find it??

Mabel - the link is on the video page in the archives.

I just watched the recording of 'Watch Geoff Add a Census Record.' Excellent teaching! I learned a lot. Too much to accomplish any time soon (like moving source text into Events notes by the thousands) and wish I'd known some of it sooner. Thank-you.

I learned much I wished I had known years ago in this Webinar... Thank You. I like moving source text to Events, but this results in way too much repetition in Descendant Narrative Reports. Is there a way to prevent them from printing in book reports?

A. J. - I thought surely there was a simple option to prevent event notes from printing but I guess not. I've now asked the developers if they would provide that option for us in a future update.

Geoff, when you were reformatting the household members onto the 'events' you started by making a blank line and saying you would tell us why later. You didn't, so, why? I have been busy using these newly learned things. OH, something else, along with making the name of the person bold, I have been underlining them. This makes a big difference to my eyes.

Dale - the purpose for the blank line is to make it look better and easier to read in the Chronology View.

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