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"Watch Geoff Live: Cemeteries" - a free webinar October 28, 2011

GeoffMug2My recent article, Genealogy Serendipity in the Cemetery has been the most-read article in the history of our Legacy News blog. Now I'm turning it into a webinar. Join me on Friday, October 28, 2011 for a free webinar, "Watch Geoff Live: Cemeteries."

Having just returned from cemetery-hunting in Maine, I had one serendipitous experience after another while searching for my ancestors. I can hardly wait to add all the new photos and information to my real, personal Legacy family file. In this webinar I will demonstrate what to do from start to finish with one of the tombstone pictures I took. You are invited to watch live as I add the information to my personal Legacy family file.

Tombstone-200In this live, unscripted session, I will talk my way through renaming and organizing my digital camera pictures, setting up the source clipboard, adding the pictures in the appropriate places, and adding the new information I found. I will also demonstrate how to add cemetery information from In preparation for the webinar, download and print the cemetery document so you can follow along.

The live webinar is scheduled for Friday, October 28, 2011 at 2PM Eastern U.S., so register today to reserve your virtual seat. Registration is free but space is limited to the first 1,000 people to join that day.


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Webinar time

The webinar will be live on Friday, October 28, 2011 at:

  • 2pm Eastern (U.S.)
  • 1pm Central
  • 12pm Mountain
  • 11am Pacific/Arizona
  • 6pm GMT

Or use this Time Zone Converter.

Here's how to attend:

  1. Register at today. It's free!
  2. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to the webinar.
  3. You will receive a reminder email during the week prior to the webinar.
  4. Calculate your time zone by clicking here.
  5. Click on the webinar link (found in confirmation and reminder emails) prior to the start of the webinar. Arrive early as the room size is limited to the first 1,000 arrivals that day.
  6. Listen via headset (USB headsets work best), your computer speakers, or by phone.

We look forward to seeing you all there!


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I was one who read your article & could relate as I also had a minor experience trying to find my father-in-law's burial site.
I sure wish I was more experienced so I'd know how to do a webinar.

I am wondering if you record the webinars so that those of us who can't attend at the time can still listen to them? I am in Australia and the webinar would be at 5am, just before I need to get up to go to work. I would still be interested if I could listen later.

Geoff - re the Oct.28th webinar: the 'download document' turned out to be a single page of a gravestone - is that it? I somehow envisioned more details and/or more pages for some reason. Cheers - Celia

Just something about the title that struck me as funny ("live" and "cemeteries" in the same sentence!)

Anyway - enjoying the webinars that I catch, keep up the good work!

Bronwyn - yes, the webinars are recorded and are usually available in the archives for at least ten days. After that, many are added to the webinar-on-CD collection.

Celia - yes, the document contains just one image of a tombstone. We'll use this image to decide how to properly do the data entry, the linking of the image, and more.

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