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October 20, 2011


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I was one who read your article & could relate as I also had a minor experience trying to find my father-in-law's burial site.
I sure wish I was more experienced so I'd know how to do a webinar.

I am wondering if you record the webinars so that those of us who can't attend at the time can still listen to them? I am in Australia and the webinar would be at 5am, just before I need to get up to go to work. I would still be interested if I could listen later.

Geoff - re the Oct.28th webinar: the 'download document' turned out to be a single page of a gravestone - is that it? I somehow envisioned more details and/or more pages for some reason. Cheers - Celia

Just something about the title that struck me as funny ("live" and "cemeteries" in the same sentence!)

Anyway - enjoying the webinars that I catch, keep up the good work!

Bronwyn - yes, the webinars are recorded and are usually available in the archives for at least ten days. After that, many are added to the webinar-on-CD collection.

Celia - yes, the document contains just one image of a tombstone. We'll use this image to decide how to properly do the data entry, the linking of the image, and more.

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