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February 06, 2012


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I have used Findagrave for about 10 years and love it. I have photographed 5 cemeteries in my county and put them online. I have not used Billion Graves or Resting Spot much yet, but I downloaded the apps to my Droid. Why does Billion Graves not charge users to add info, but charges that same user to access info. If I'm going to add info to a site, I think I should be able to access that info for free. Findagrave has many useful features that make it my fave: plot locations, link family members, add bios, virtual cemeteries, etc. I like your idea of a progress meter, but I don't know how FAG would do that. Congrats on your first cemetery, and thank you for adding info. Genealogy would be much harder without volunteers.

Beth - Billion Graves doesn't charge to search their database at www.billiongraves.com. I think the only place they charge is if you want to do the searching from your smart phone. I think it's a one-time fee of $2.99.

I too agree with the article and have placed a link for this conversation to the Findagrave community.

I gave Billion Graves a try but none of the people or cemeteries I looked for was there.I am staying with Find a Grave. I did try to transcribe a few headstones for Billion Graves but didn't have much luck. I think out of 10 I could only make out 3.
Hopefully that is not the norm. Some of the problems were the angles that the picture was taken at. I haven't given up though.

I haven't tried the 10 to the 6th site but
use FAG a lot. The forum Cemeteries and Genealogy is a very friendly place with lots of help.

There is a setting in the Billion Graves app (at least the iPhone version) to save a copy of the photos on your phone. So, you could take them with your phone in the Billion Graves app, which would upload them to that site, and then download them off your phone onto your computer and manually add them onto FindAGrave. That's what I'm doing. It really doesn't take any extra effort and the Billion Graves volunteers make quick work of getting them transcribed.

I love both the Find-a-Grave and Billiongraves sites, but both have problems. For me, the biggest shortcoming of Find-a-Grave is that there are so many memorials without pictures. This makes the memorial information completely unverifiable. It's bad enough that the headstone could have an error, but without a picture I don't even know if that was transcribed correctly. Billiongraves solves that problem, but the Android app that I use is still buggy, and the data that can be entered per internment is quite limited.

Where could I find that little program that checks FindAGrave for names in your Legacy File? Thought I bookmarked it but can't find it on my computer.

I hope your Canadian readers will support CanadianHeadstones.com which is the leading provider of Canadian headstone photographs. It is a totally non-profit volunteer organization.

The reason you have found so many memorials on Find-a-grave without photos may be a result of entries being made by people who KNOW that the person is buried there and have the data (perhaps from an obituary) but the contributor doesn't have a photo. That is certainly my case. I have created memorials for family members who are buried in other parts of the country and then submitted requests for photos from the many volunteers who take photos upon request. In most cases, photos have been added and the photographer has been very willing to allow my use of their photo in my own records.

Sally - could it be LTools that you're thinking of? If so, it's at http://zippersoftware.com/wp/ltools/what-is-ltools/

The program to search FindAGrave for people in your Legacy DB is

i read on billiongraves blog that they have tried to partner with find a grave but that find a grave is not willing to work with them (very silly of find a grave) but i really like the idea of Lewis Hartswick so that you can contribute to both of the projects. while billiongraves is quite new i would love to see their database grow.

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