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February 27, 2012


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Can your tablet be hooked up to a computer projector? I am trying to decide what to do because I teach LOTS of classes and need to use my projector. That's why I think an iPad won't work. Am I correct?

I don't know yet Pam. I, too, have been wondering the same thing. Anyone out there know?

Not sure. I have the Transformer Prime. If you purchase the docking keyboard, this will give you a USB port and give you a second battery:)

Yes, an iPad will work; there is an adapter available for about $30 that connects to the projector cable.

The adapter for the iPad 2 (and upcoming iPad3?) can also connect to an HDTV using the proper cords.

I believe that there is also an adapter to be used with a tablet as well.

Most new flatscreen TVs have an HDMI port, which, with an HDMI cable, makes it possible to hook directly to a laptop. Voila! No more projector needed if you want to use a TV.

The iPad can be used with a projector. I teach at the Scottsdale Via Linda Computer Center and we have the cord attached to our projector and we just switch from the computer to the iPad by a switch on the projector control box.

My daughter hooked us on iPad when she conducted business on hers while being our caregiver in December. She needed a projector and bought an Apple unit. What a great paIr. We now use our new iPad2 quite a bit and she and her presentation system are a big hit.

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