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February 13, 2012


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Could you please advise if this available to post to Australia, and if so, what are the postage costs?

Dianne - since the software is download-only, there are no postal fees involved.

Looks interesting as it searches othe databases - is it available in the UK, and if so, what is the cost (download or CD by mail), please?

David G Nowell

David - it is available worldwide by download. It is not a shipable product.

This is a great offer but I notice that neither lists Windows 7 for compatibility. Do you know how they work with Windows 7 and Legacy 7.5 on Windows 7?

Works fine with Windows 7.

I am in awe of the generosity and support Millennia provides customers. You offer a rich and welcoming environment for genealogists. Thanks for everything you do.

Does this override the Legacy view always, or is it something you can choose to use as needed?

Marsha - it is a completely separate program, you can use it when you want.

This is a great offer. I have wanted these programs for a while but finances being what they are I have been unable to get them. Now I can. Thank You!

This GenViewer is a terrific offer and I have been wanting to have such a search facility integrated with my Legacy program. I notice that the program is 32 bit and my computer is 64 bit, will this run on my computer?

Julie - yes, it will work fine.

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